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HBL Branchless banking Movotek

Bangladesh is a recent entrant into branchless banking – deployments only began in earnest in the middle of 2011. CGAP reviewed the first year of branchless banking (referred to as “mobile financial services” in Bangladesh) together with Bangladesh Bank up.

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Western Union Mobile Money Movotek

Mobile Money is a fast-moving space, and a lot happened in 2013. For those of you looking to catch up, here is our list of 10 things you need to know about mobile money. 1. It’s not only about.

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Author : movotek Date : Dec 25, 2015 Category : Electronic Voucher Distribution, Mobile Money, POS Terminal, Prepaid Airtime Comment : 0
MIL300 POS Terminal for Electronic Voucher Distribution

Can Electronic Voucher Distribution Lead to New Business Models? Until recently, Zoona, formerly known as Mobile Transactions could have been considered the best kept secret in Africa. Operating in Zambia on a shoe-string budget, they have been developing their own.

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Tanzania Mobile Money Movotek

Is Tanzania Ready for Interoperability in Mobile Money? Interoperability potentially offers great benefits to the mobile financial services market. It allows operators to offer customers more flexible payment options which could increase the overall number of transactions and velocity.

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Author : movotek Date : Dec 25, 2015 Category : Mobile Money, Prepaid Airtime Comment : 0
Mobile Money Fiji by Movotek

Good Things Come in Small Packages: Mobile Money in Fiji In the world of mobile money, larger countries get all the attention. But big things sometimes come in small packages – and mobile money developments in the tiny Pacific.

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