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Movotek Electronic Voucher Distribution System
Electronic Voucher Distribution
The Ideal Full-Package Solution for Prepaid Airtime, Prepaid Internet, Prepaid Game Point Card and other prepaid services distribution in electronic way. This Electronic Voucher Distribution (EVD) Solution is made of  the Movotek Distribution System (MDS) and the MIL300 GPRS POS Terminal providing both the online & offline transaction services. Read more
Movotek USSD&SMS Solution, Electronic Voucher Distribution
USSD/SMS Printing Solution
The POS Terminal and its built-in APP is compatible with the standard USSD & SMS Portocol, which can be widely used in Mobile Money, SIM Banking and Other USSD/SMS base services. Customers only need to pay for the POS Terminal hardware while the standard USSD/SMS App is free of charge. Our App will have a lot of  flexible settings to satisfy different customers requirements. Read more

About The Cooperation

The Innovative Electronic Payment Solutions is always the common goals that Movotek team is pursuiting. We will launch more innovative and amazing solutions in the coming future.

1. If you want a full package solution for Electronic Airtime PIN Distribution, you can use our existing Electronic Voucher Distribution Solution directly.

2. If you have an existing back-end system that is selling Airtime and/or other products/services, you are going to use the POS Terminal to extend the distribution channels, then Movotek Software team can help you integrate the POS Terminal with your system. Movotek has the professional team for the User Requirement Analysis, Coding, Testing as well as effective communication to deliver you the excelllent App Customization service.

3. If you have a new concept that you are looking for someone to turn it into reality, Movotek team is willing to listen, share the ideas and cooperate together.

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