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Our Products


Movotek MIL300 POS Terminal
MIL300 POS Terminal
The Ideal POS model for non-banking solutions such as Airtime, Mobile Money, Bill Payment, Loyalty Programs, Bus Ticketing and Lottery etc.
MOVOTEK MIL200 MINI POS Terminal (360x320)
MIL200 POS Terminal
MIL200 serves as a handheld, lightweight and robust non-banking mini POS ( MagCard / Smart Card / NFC) for multi-applications
MOVOTEK MIL100 POS Terminal SMS Printer(360x320)
MIL100 Desktop POS
The MIL100 is designated as the desktop POS Terminal model working for the USSD SMS Printing solution (USSD/SMS Printer)
Movotek MIL3000L Wireless POS Terminal
MIL3000L POS Terminal
MIL3000L is designated as the high-end all-in-one POS model with EMV & PCI approval for Banking Payment and Other Non-Banking Solutions

Delivering More Than A POS Terminal

It has been years for Movotek dedicated in the point of sale industry by delivering to various applications (Prepaid Airtime, Electronic PIN Distribution, Utilities Bill Payment, Bus Ticketing, Loyalty Programs (Membership Card) and Electronic Game Point Cards Distribution etc.). We are not only supplying the POS hardware, but also providing the timely technical support on customer’s secondary app development on our POS as well as reliable app customization services by Movotek technical team. We fully understand that the quick response on customer’s need is our key to survival till now.

Currently, Our MIL300 model has already been integrated with Movotek Distribution System (MDS) for Prepaid Airtime Voucher Distribution Solution. Besides, MIL300 has been integrated with many other 3rd systems for Airtime, bus ticketing and Mobile Money etc.

Now, our upcoming model MIL200 is designed as the cost-effective POS Device to serve all kinds of non-banking solutions by utilizing its optional Magnetic Card Reader, Smart Card Reader and Contactless Card Reader (NFC).

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